Digital TV in Azerbaijan

(Azerbaijan digital TV) application of DVB-T digital TV broadcasting in Azerbaijan Republic
Appropriate measures have been done by the Ministry of Transport, Communication and Information Technologies currently in the application direction of DVB-T digital TV broadcasting in the territory of Azerbaijan Republic as other countries. According to the order No 274, dated 13.09.2006 of the Cabinets of Ministries of Azerbaijan Republic, application of DVB-T Europe standard for digital TV broadcasting in the territory of republic considered expedient. “Application and development program of DVB-T digital TV broadcasting system” confirmed by decision No 26, dated 10 February 2011 of the Cabinets of Ministries in the territory of Azerbaijan Republic. According to this program, digital TV broadcasting should be transited fully and analogue TV broadcastings should be stopped stage by stage.
Digital TV transmitter installed for the first time in Azerbaijan in 2004. Broadcasting of 4 TV program in MPEG-2 standard was tested by the means of transmitter during that period. Test operations of TV broadcasting with MPEG-4 standard began in Baku city, 2008. Broadcasting of 12 TV program with MPEG 4 standard began implementation in Baku and suburb territories, 2009. 35% population owned reception of digital TV during that period. Digital broadcasting is begun Ganja, Shirvan along with Baku city and in the south region by expanding digital TV broadcasting network in the territory of Republic, 2009. It provided surrounding with digital TV of 55% population. The main issue for 2011 was provided with open broadcasting package of 85% population till year. That’s why Different power TV transmitters installed in additionally 28 TV station.
In accordance with paragraph 5.1.7 on the implementation of the Action plan of the order of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan on approving the “State Program on the implementation of the National strategy for Information society development in Azerbaijan for 2016-2020 years” dated September 20, 2016, the decision #10 National Television and Radio Council of Azerbaijan dated September 27, 2016 on suspension analogue broadcasting of terrestrial national TV programs in Baku and Absheron peninsula on November 1, 2016 and in other regions of the republic on December 1, 2016. Thus, by suspending analogue TV broadcasting in the country, transition to the digital TV broadcasting in DVB-T standard has been completed. Currently, nearly 99,6 % of population surrounded with digital broadcasting (“AzTV, ITV, Idman Azerbaycan TV, Madaniyyat TV, Lider TV, ATV, Space TV, Xazar TV, ARB TV, CBC sport TV”) consisting of 10-12 TV program with open package.
At present, approximately 99,7% of the country people was provided with the digital broadcasting which consist of open package of 10-12 TV programs (AzTV, Public TV, Idman Azerbaijan TV, Medeniyyet TV, Lider TV, ATV, Space TV, Khazar TV, ARB TV and CBC sport TV). It should be mentioned that the number of programs broadcasted in the capital and regions will vary. For example, the package broadcasted in the capital consists of 12 TV programs, but in other region it could be 9 TV programs.